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It’s that time of year! Demand for freelance problem-solving ramps up, just when family life gets frantic with end-of-year festivities – and the Christmas camping checklist isn’t going to check itself… so, naturally, the best laid plans for a fancy new home page go on ice. Excuse me while I throw together a simple gallery – and meantime, check out my Portfolio of work; my sources of inspiration; rants about design thinking; or just find out more about who I am and what I do.

Thanks! – Greg

CURRENTLY: Festive static “Home” page leads to three sets of content – (1) my Portfolio; (2) the blog-esque 22 Minutes (exploration / inspiration); and (3) Design 101 (critiques / rants) – plus an “about” page.

STATUS: Stable; festive. Those posts imported from Tumblr are a total mess; still working through a ton of glitches that came with them. 10 Dec NZT.


  • WordPress just gets better and better. So stable. So lovely. Thanks.
  • While you can “rent” Photoshop for $15 a month, you’ll need to set aside a ton of money to replace your laptop battery – thanks to Adobe’s nasty habit of ramming all manner of phantom energy hogging nonsense into your system. 
  • Still proud of the GeneratePress Theme team, for demanding Alt text for every image. No Alt text = no image, mister! Great for accessibility; less great for the short-term mental health of this user trying to squash that bug.
  • Always remembering that structure is easy to sketch on paper; harder to actually make happen in WordPress. Needed a bit of a workaround as WordPress doesn’t natively allow multiple “blogs” under one install. Main issue is dealing with automated page title display, and non-variable header images.