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Hello! I’m out developing a shiny new homepage for your next visit. It has to be good, so I’m taking my time. Meantime, check out my Portfolio of work; my sources of inspiration; rants about design thinking; or just find out more about who I am and what I do.

Thanks! – Greg

CURRENTLY: Refined a static “Home” page as a lead-in to three sets of content – (1) my Portfolio; (2) the blog-esque 22 Minutes (exploration / inspiration); and (3) Design 101 (critiques / rants) – plus an “about” page.

STATUS: Stable, getting prettier. Threw some CSS at removing Category Titles on “blog” pages showing posts under each category. Imported posts from Tumblr; now working through a ton of glitches that came with them. 17 Aug NZT.


  • WordPress just gets better and better. So stable. So lovely. Thanks.
  • You can “rent” Photoshop for $15 a month! That’s much cheaper than the wig I’d have to buy after tearing my hair out trying to use Gimp. Also beats the good old days of having to hunt through the Dark Web for serial numbers… 
  • Lots of swearing while hunting down a broken image link (my LinkedIn badge kept disappearing, even though I’ve hard-coded it, thanks to the dynamic one from LinkedIn itself being super flaky). Turns out to be a feature, not a bug:I’m using the GeneratePress theme, which demands Alt text for every image. No specify Alt text = no display image, mister! I guess it’s great for accessibility; less great for the short-term mental health of this user…
  • Site structure is easy to sketch on paper; harder to actually make happen in WordPress. Needed a bit of a workaround as WordPress doesn’t natively allow multiple “blogs” under one install. Main issue is dealing with automated page title display, and non-variable header images. Might need to actually dig into some HTML instead of hunting through “Customize…” menus.