Taking advertising beyond the line

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Energy Made Wonderful

Rebranding a company that sells an invisible product, in a grudge-purchase category where apathy rules? Time to do something profoundly differentiating, long-term.

Not a fleeting creative splash. Something genuinely strategic. Like Mercury’s new brand, celebrating Energy Made Wonderful: achieving or exceeding every objective – customer retention, staff engagement, brand scores, company performance, acquisition, you name it – in under a year.

Mercury ebike wonderful billboard

We delivered a whole new angle on electricity marketing: one of delight.


Mercury E-bike Collection

Layer upon layer of inspiration, information, activation and reward – packed with wonderful experiences.


As of early 2018, Mercury now enjoys the lowest churn rate amongst the Top 5 retailers, and is #1 for net customer gain in arguably the world’s most competitive electricity market.

Seeya, apathy.

My role in this work – as part of a wonderful team – crossed over from Digital CD to Strategist, and Brand Champion.




Sharing the guest list - not just online, but on the streets.

Vodafone Fantastic Fridays – the telco’s customer rewards division – threw an exclusive private party, featuring DJ Martin Garrix. And FCB threw together a kick-ass campaign to tell people about it, get them along – and make them feel good.   We engaged the crowd and amped up advocacy through a social entry mechanic: using Facebook, customers […]

Take your voice for a drive

Holden Cruze lets you use voice to control the banner

We were honoured to have our YouTube work for GM’s Holden Cruze celebrated in Google’s Rich Media Showcase. Not surprised, though; it is a clever piece that was seriously hard work to get working, but oh-so-cool because of it. It’s clever because it uses tons of tech to deliver you a video-first ad experience. It’s […]

Gamification ain’t what it used to be…

Bonus Bonds Longer Conga mobile game

Faced with refreshing old-school Bonus Bonds (they’re national bank bonds that pay no interest, but reward holders with random cash prizes), we went back to the classics. The existing TV campaign featured a conga line set off every time someone wins a prize. Charged with creating a lead generation campaign to bring a younger audience […]

Food Photos Save Lives

Unicef - food photos save lives on Instagram

Photographs of meals on social media profiles are a global first-world phenomenon. They’re also a tragic contrast to the millions of children suffering from severe malnutrition. But what if the food photo trend could be used to save lives? This social media campaign for Unicef New Zealand hijacked food photos as they were posted, pricking […]

Play Melbourne. You know you want to.

Play Melbourne

Together, Tourism Victoria and Publicis Mojo created the longest-running tourism marketing programme in the world. The eighteen-year-old ‘Jigsaw’ campaign is now its tenth phase, with the launch of a new chapter: ‘Play Melbourne’ – a story to deepen visitors’ appreciation of Melbourne’s unique creative sub-culture.

Setting carparks free for the masses

The FCB Auckland Free Parking App

Got a problem? I’ve always got a solution. Here’s a perfect example: a web App that lets the crew at FCB free up their unused park for the day, and allows those with the fastest fingers to reserve that spot, on the spot – all from any smartphone, anywhere, anytime. It’s making leased carparks liquid, […]

Do your thing better with Vodafone

Vodafone Do Your Thing Better on iPhone

Vodafone is here to help you do your thing better. But what is your thing? And what if Vodafone could show you all kinds of ways a smartphone might help you do your thing better — whatever your thing might be? To answer those questions, we set about researching the 30 Things New Zealanders Most […]

Sometimes all we need is a little help.

kenneth raising funds for auckland city mission

Sometimes, a little reminder that anyone can help is all we need to jog ourselves out of our comfort zone. So, we sent the Auckland City Mission’s smallest ever fundraiser out onto the streets…

Cheers to your very own piece of New Zealand.

Steinlager Pure website and iPhone App

Imagine an untouched piece of the purest land in the world, secured in your name – and the chance to pay it a visit.

Taking the iconic but globally tiny Steinlager Pure brand to the world was not going to be easy. Luckily, we came up with a plan that just might resonate with urban dwellers the world over.

Breaking the ice

Ice Mission robots in action freeing $40,000

We froze $40,000 in a two-tonne block of ice, surrounded it with txt-operated robots, and asked New Zealanders to set the robots to work via txt instructions that acted as donations.

Treat your customers like rock stars

Virgin Mobile Members' Lounge - treating customers like rock stars

A setup that leverages Virgin’s unique personality and familiar rock star personality to create what was at the time a totally unique customer retention community, pushing highly customised content and offers to Virgin Mobile customers – or should we say, members.

What’s next is up to you.

A quick-step journey through sites best sited to a life lived to the full

Not your ordinary website for not your ordinary beer: when Steinlager Edge debuted as the mid-strength beer for those living life to the full, we knew we had to pull something out of the bag to not only help explain the product benefit, but to cut through with an idea that actually added value to the web experience, rather than interrupting it.

Drawing a line in the sand.

Standing our ground with words writ large

As a precursor to the launch of a new campaign for Steinlager Pure, iconic words from the late Prime Minister of New Zealand, David Lange, were writ large in the sand on New Zealand’s shore.