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Greg connects with people

Hacking pizza makes for good ideas.

Greg Wood, Digital Creative DirectorIt took nearly three years as a bike shop sales guy by day and dial-a-pizza delivery boy by night to realise what anybody who knew me could’ve easily told me: I enjoy connecting with all kinds of people, finding out what they need, and delivering what’s required. And especially in the pizza delivery case, doing that pretty much no matter what time it is.

That discovery led me to co-found an award-winning boutique agency, then sell it and leave home to explore the world and meet more people – ending up back in New Zealand after time served at agencies like Wunderman and Profero, in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and even on the Cannes Lions Digital Jury. I then spent a magical four years at Publicis Mojo, where I worked with a crackingly Can-Do team to create anything that moved. After freelancing for a year and a bit, I’m now Digital CD at FCB in Auckland, and loving it.

One of the things I remember about the pizza delivery job was this: when it came time to feed the team, I would hack the same old ingredients to craft entirely new pizzas that were far better than those on the standard menu. It’s been my obsession ever since to push everyone I work with to do the same: satisfy a need, by creating something unexpected with the familiar. The results have been wildly creative ideas based on genuine data-driven insights. Radical ideas that change behaviour and get results. Sometimes tactical ideas, like an idea for a TV commercial; but my favourites are the big, innovative, engaging ideas that aren’t easily commoditised. Ideas that not only sell, but ideas that can be sold.

Let’s say you run a shop that wants to generate that kind of idea. You need a team with direction and drive. A team that knows where it’s going – and why. And that’s where I do my best work: as a strategic, data-driven Creative Director who gets people, it’s my job to lead teams towards developing radical, relevant, beyond-the-line ideas. Preferably in a company that respects and cultivates extraordinary creative thinking. A company full of people who want to win more awards, for more effective work, for more demanding clients. FCB is doing just that. The next step for me would have to be a big one.

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Outside of work, I live in a cute kiwi villa with a sunny outlook — along with one similarly sweet darling, three crazy kids, four or five nice bikes, and an undefined number of toys (some of which even belong to the kids). My favourite music is probably still Buffalo Daughter, my favourite food is probably still nattoumaki, and my favourite beer is definitely cold.