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Take your voice for a drive

Holden Cruze lets you use voice to control the bannerWe were honoured to have our YouTube work for GM’s Holden Cruze celebrated in Google’s Rich Media Showcase. Not surprised, though; it is a clever piece that was seriously hard work to get working, but oh-so-cool because of it. It’s clever because it uses tons of tech to deliver you a video-first ad experience. It’s clever because it simplifies the tech to tell a story: with voice-activated MyLink control, Cruze pretty much does what you tell it. So, hey, try telling it to do something you might expect from a car – like take you on a road trip, via StreetView, with your choice of music. It’s clever because we simplified the crap out of it: four destinations, four tunes, using existing frameworks and plenty of Google’s existing tech. It’s also clever because it gracefully degrades for non-Chrome users, yet still delivers the same story. But perhaps best of all, it’s not too clever. Just, kinda… fun. Click the pic, and be sure to try it in Chrome for best effect.

Holden Cruze masthead on the Google Rich Media Gallery

Extraordinary technology, made easy.


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