Fantastic Fridays: Get in Line

How do you drive positive NPS amongst a wide audience, by throwing a party for a small segment?

Vodafone’s customer rewards division – “Fantastic Fridays” – threw an exclusive private party, featuring DJ Martin Garrix. And we at FCB threw together a kick-ass campaign to tell people about it, get them along – and make them feel good, whether they made it in or not.

The secret sauce: engaging the crowd and amping up advocacy through a social entry mechanic. Working with Facebook, we invited customers to join a virtual queue at the door – then bring a mate on board, feeding our algorithm designed to connect mavens and bump up their chances to win.

It was a classic Social Object strategy – with a twist: live Adshels showcased who was who (and where) in the queue. Print, social, display, and a partnership with local dance station GeorgeFM helped drive entries.

Sharing the guest list - not just online, but on the streets.
Sharing the guest list – not just online, but on the streets.

Throwing a private party with a public waitlist was a massive success. Overall we achieved some extraordinary results: 300k+ reach, with click-through rates 500% above benchmark; UX-wise, over 75% of entrants completed the entry process, and 100% of the winners turned up on the night, along with a mate. Martin Garrix had such a good time that he played two and a half hours, instead of the contracted 60 minutes. NPS was hugely positive, even for those who didn’t win. And conversions rose, with migration of Prepay customers to higher-value Vodafone Mates boosting the base.

FINALIST – NZ Marketing Awards 2017

BRONZE – NZDM Awards 2017