Taking advertising beyond the line

Energy Made Wonderful

Rebranding a company that sells an invisible product, in a grudge-purchase category where apathy rules? Time to do something profoundly differentiating, long-term.

Not a fleeting creative splash. Something genuinely strategic. Like Mercury’s new brand, celebrating Energy Made Wonderful: achieving or exceeding every objective – customer retention, staff engagement, brand scores, company performance, acquisition, you name it – in under a year.

Mercury ebike wonderful billboard

We delivered a whole new angle on electricity marketing: one of delight.


Mercury E-bike Collection

Layer upon layer of inspiration, information, activation and reward – packed with wonderful experiences.


As of early 2018, Mercury now enjoys the lowest churn rate amongst the Top 5 retailers, and is #1 for net customer gain in arguably the world’s most competitive electricity market.

Seeya, apathy.

My role in this work – as part of a wonderful team – crossed over from Digital CD to Strategist, and Brand Champion.



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