Mercury ebike wonderful billboard

Energy made Wonderful

GRAND EFFIE – Most Effective Campaign 2017.

There’s often magic buried in the data. This four-year project demonstrates that, in spades.

Two or three years of watching the way customers behaved “better” when offered emotional experiences (vs rational monetary rewards) lead us to an award-winning strategic approach.

Here’s how the story goes:

Rebranding a company selling an invisible product, in a grudge-purchase category where apathy rules? Time to do something profoundly differentiating, long-term.

Not a fleeting creative splash. Something genuinely strategic. Like Mercury’s new brand, celebrating Energy Made Wonderful: achieving or exceeding every objective – customer retention, staff engagement, brand scores, company performance, acquisition, you name it – in under a year. And perhaps best of all: giving the company a platform on which to keep growing.

Mercury E-bike Collection
Layer upon layer of inspiration, information, activation and reward – packed with wonderful experiences.

Kicking off with E.bikes, we delivered a whole new angle on electricity marketing – one of delight – and people think it’s wonderful. As of early 2018, Mercury now enjoys the lowest churn rate amongst the Top 5 retailers, and finished the financial year as #1 for net customer gain in arguably the world’s most competitive electricity market. Add to that: record revenue, record profit, record customer satisfaction, and more.

The platform we’d built gave us an extraordinary opportunity to take things even further. Taking the same, simple joy that E.bikes deliver, and raising it to the next level, we demonstrated Mercury’s devotion to “doing” – by electrifying a ’57 Fairlane.

Seeya, apathy.

My role in this work – as part of a wonderful team – built on years of proving to Mercury that emotion drives results; and followed my progress from Digital and Direct CD, to Strategist, and Brand Champion. I was also author of the papers that won the awards.

2017 Effies:
GOLD – Consumer Services
GOLD – Most Effective Integrated Campaign
GOLD – Best Strategic Thinking
GRAND EFFIE – Most Effective Campaign 2017

“Nick Baylis, one of this year’s executive judges, said the Grand Effie picked itself: ‘An insightful strategy that led to bold, single-minded creative that humanised electricity. The campaign’s influence from churn reduction to share price stacked up in what is undoubtedly one of the hardest categories to generate consumer engagement – effectiveness made wonderful.'”