papparazzi-defeating reflective jacket

Hiding in plain sight

22 minutes into the future we’ll be immersed in a whole new virtual reality that’s shiny and wonderful – at the same time as we’re still living in another, pre-existing reality that’s a little bit ugly. A bit machine-driven-face-detection-spam-stalkery. So: when and where are you truly off the grid? How much does Facebook know about you from photos where it’s detected your face in a group shot – but where you haven’t been tagged? People have faces. What can we do about that – or with that? Compare and contrast: super-nerdy Visible WiFi, super-geeky Deep Viz, and the so-simple-it’s-laughable FlashBack Accessories

Visible WiFi

A bit hard-core techie at the moment, and maybe even something more for the tinfoil hat brigade – but then again, this might be a useful tool beyond helping Frank from IT diagnose dead air. I’m damned sure there’s the basis for a game in this – and maybe something really powerful in search-and-rescue…

Deep Visualisation

The authors’ thoughts mirror mine, so here’s a quote: “This last observation raises some interesting possible security concerns. For example, imagine you own a phone or personal robot that cleans your house, and in the phone or robot is a DNN that learns from its environment. Imagine that, to preserve your privacy, the phone or robot does not explicitly store any pictures or videos obtained during operation, but they do use visual input to train their internal network to better perform their tasks. The above results show that given only the learned network, one may still be able to reconstruct things that you would not want released, such as pictures of your valuables, or your bedroom, or videos of what you do when you are home alone, such as walking around naked singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

FlashBack Accessories

AI face detection defeating glasses papparazzi-defeating reflective jacket

Sometimes, you just don’t want to be seen, even when you are actually there. Introducing digital-visual-technology-defeating clothing and accessories. Like this – or this.

Side note: that jacket is from the wonderful, wonderful BetaBrand. Go shopping. Anonymously.