Forsyth Barr sheeple campaign

Hey, sheeple!

“We all have something we know should probably be a bit more of a priority. Something we know is quite important, but maybe don’t want to think about too much right now. Maybe it doesn’t look like it’d be much fun, or maybe we’ve told ourselves it’s not urgent.

“So we do what someone else suggests. Or sometimes we do nothing at all. We follow along, we let it happen – we become Sheeple.”

I’m happy to have contributed a bit of fun to an otherwise worthy (read: boring) category, in the form of the strategy behind Forsyth Barr’s “Sheeple” campaign. What I like most about this, is that it’s a tool to give FB’s Advisors a story, a point of view, a difference, when it comes to introducing the KiwiSaver topic into wealth management discussions. Because Forsyth Barr clients are definitely not Sheeple.