The CX-y stuff behind the work…

strategy UX CX innovation workshops

Kickstarts. Pitches. Workshops. Brand support. There’s a hell of a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, lead by asymmetrical systems-thinkers like, well, me for example. Check this lot out: Kickstarts – strategic, creative, CX, innovation; a kickstart is typically a formal, four-hour session designed to extract and define the issues and ways … Read moreThe CX-y stuff behind the work…

Gifts that Go Places

dynamic display travel ad on phone

Great CX work delivers seriously excellent results. For example? When you marry a searing insight (panic can cause men to freeze at present-buying time) with killer tech (1st- and 3rd-party data funnelled through a dynamic display platform), you hit the right person, in the right place, at the right time. You show them the right … Read moreGifts that Go Places

Fantastic Fridays: Get in Line

How do you drive positive NPS amongst a wide audience, by throwing a party for a small segment? Vodafone’s customer rewards division – “Fantastic Fridays” – threw an exclusive private party, featuring DJ Martin Garrix. And we at FCB threw together a kick-ass campaign to tell people about it, get them along – and make them feel … Read moreFantastic Fridays: Get in Line

Take your voice for a drive

holden cruze voice activated banner

It was an honour to have this work for GM’s Holden Cruze celebrated in Google’s Rich Media Showcase. Not surprising, though; it used tons of tech to deliver an interactive experience that was actually quite delightful. With voice-activated MyLink control, Cruze pretty much does what you tell it. So, we built a way for people to … Read moreTake your voice for a drive

Hiding in plain sight

papparazzi-defeating reflective jacket

22 minutes into the future we’ll be immersed in a whole new virtual reality that’s shiny and wonderful – at the same time as we’re still living in another, pre-existing reality that’s a little bit ugly. A bit machine-driven-face-detection-spam-stalkery. So: when and where are you truly off the grid? How much does Facebook know about … Read moreHiding in plain sight

The Longer Conga: gamifying finance

Longer Conga website and game

Faced with refreshing old-school Bonus Bonds (they’re national bank bonds that pay no interest, but reward holders with random cash prizes), we went back to the classics. The existing TV campaign featured a conga line set off every time someone wins a prize. Charged with creating a lead generation campaign to bring a younger audience … Read moreThe Longer Conga: gamifying finance

Have a play. Or not.

sony xperia goldfish in tank

22 minutes into the future we’ll be able to demonstrate what makes something great (or dumb), by, er, actually demonstrating what it is that makes that particular thing, great (or dumb). Allow me to explain: so often, in comms agencies, we are tasked with simply creating a message and paying to show it to people. A … Read moreHave a play. Or not.

Play Melbourne. You know you want to.

Together, Tourism Victoria and Publicis Mojo created the longest-running tourism marketing programme in the world. The eighteen-year-old ‘Jigsaw’ campaign is now its tenth phase, with the launch of a new chapter: ‘Play Melbourne’ – a story to deepen visitors’ appreciation of Melbourne’s unique creative sub-culture.