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Hiding in plain sight

papparazzi-defeating reflective jacket

22 minutes into the future we’ll be immersed in a whole new virtual reality that’s shiny and wonderful – at the same time as we’re still living in another, pre-existing reality that’s a little bit ugly. A bit machine-driven-face-detection-spam-stalkery. So: when and where are you truly off the grid? How much does Facebook know about … Read moreHiding in plain sight

Have a play. Or not.

sony xperia goldfish in tank

22 minutes into the future we’ll be able to demonstrate what makes something great (or dumb), by, er, actually demonstrating what it is that makes that particular thing, great (or dumb). Allow me to explain: so often, in comms agencies, we are tasked with simply creating a message and paying to show it to people. A … Read moreHave a play. Or not.