Taking advertising beyond the line

Meet Greg

Greg Wood, Digital Creative DirectorAward-winning marketing communications, from a strategist and creative with over 25 years’ experience in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Right now I’m a member of the Integrated Strategy Team at FCB –showing the way, solving wicked problems, and getting result at New Zealand’s Most Effective Agency for 2017.

Here, it’s my job to trigger, create and nurture ideas that change behaviour and deliver genuine business results. These are typically big, innovative, engaging ideas that aren’t easily commoditised.

Ideas of this type require a systems-level understanding of the way things work, and the way people use them – and a component-level focus on design and quality.

It’s a challenging role, to which I bring a fair bit of expertise including:

  • Strategy – delivering and championing inspirational briefs. Includes workshop facilitation, specifying and conducting research, developing territories, presenting, and stakeholder buy-in.
  • Ideation – developing and selling effective concepts. Includes ideation, selection, extension, prototyping, presentation, mapping, selling in and execution. Crafty copywriter.
  • Customer and User Experience – creating work that works for real people. Includes user interviews, CX and UX processes, prototyping, testing and evaluation.
  • Digital and Response – using channels to prove efficacy. CRM, eComms and social media strategy, test-and-learn strategy, dynamic content strategy and all related creative.
  • Teamwork – leading disparate groups to a single purpose. Defining and nurturing a working culture, boosting individual expertise, managing team dynamics, retaining knowledge and more.
  • Collaborative execution – getting the work done, right. Focusing on outcomes, iterative production, application of test-and-learn, agile ways of working, team sprints and more.

In my experience, you’ll need a team with direction and drive to bring big, effective ideas to life. A team that knows where it’s going, and why. That’s where I do my best work. I’m here to lead my colleagues and our clients to listen, learn, think, understand, and ultimately create change.

Want to know more? Download my CV, or just give me a call: +64-21-2730358